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When we awaken our senses, we open ourselves to the present moment, self-acceptance and self-love. By consciously activating the senses, we can better construct our own idea of personal freedom.

The Sensory Awakening workshop fully engages all five senses. We will explore movement through carefully selected song, interpretive dance and mindful asana.

Physiologically, our bodies are hard-wired to respond to sound. For example, when we hear a harsh noise, we typically tense up and absorb stress. On the other hand, soothing sounds, vibrations and kind words encourage release and healing. Sights elicit profound effects on the body and mind, as well. Watching violent movies can leave us in emotional distress. However, seeing (or even imagining) a beautiful place uplifts spirits and invites a certain amount of ease into the physical and energetic body. Taste bonds us to our primal need for nourishment — our bodies are able to distinguish nutritious versus unhealthy foods. Touch connects us to other beings. Loving touch is crucial to human development, health and mind-body function.

We use our senses every moment of our lives. This workshop will help practitioners connect more deeply to those functions through playful and active discovery.

Please join us for an uplifting and transformative sensory experience.